Written by Rob Bullerdick on Oct. 12th 2020
There are few topics you can bring up to get a person's skin to crawl. Spiders, spoiled milk, inflation, your inlaws, and….dare I say it….insurance! Now the first four I can understand, but doesn’t everyone love dealing with Insurance?! Especially health insurance?! To be completely honest, I've been in the insurance industry long enough to where I actually do love what I do. But if I sit back and think hard enough, I can go back to the days before I was in the industry, and remember how much I hated to deal with it! I always thought I was paying too much, I always felt like my agent never truly had my best interest in mind, and I always had these rules about where and how I can use my coverage.

For years, I was led to different agents and agencies from friends saying they were the best! But it always ended up being the same ole story. It wasn’t until I really started digging and wanting answers that I learned, “holy cow, there’s a whole untapped world out there!”. What does that mean if you’re not an insurance geek? I found that there are carriers who feel the same way… who believe in having full comprehensive coverage, but not having your wallet suffer the consequences. And these aren’t some tiny, nobody carriers. They are A rated, financially stable, PPO, and exist to serve entrepreneurs! I’ve found that in the world of Health Insurance, you have WAY more options than you’ll ever know. 

Health Insurance is about as clear as mud because it is the most underserved market in the USA. Consumers have been made to believe that certain plans are right for them, as that's all a company can offer. They are even told to go on a website themselves and pick their own plan! I’m all for freedom, but the problem with that, the average person doesn’t understand insurance, and they don’t know the questions to ask. So what do they do? They bite the bullet and pay the premium, and then find that the plan is doing nothing for them. If only they knew they could get better coverage for less, headache free!

This is why I made it my goal years ago to become an insurance expert, and to help be the change this industry is so needing. I will never call myself a salesman, and you won’t hear my team calling themselves that either. We are consultants who have cracked the code, and have a heart to help put you in the best situation possible financially, and coverage wise. As inflation continues to rise, you can’t afford to not re-evaluate your expenses and cut costs where you can. What if you could cut your health insurance premium down 30%-50%, while getting the best coverage you’ve ever had?! I’m here to tell you, you can!

Rob Bullerdick

Rob Bullerdick is a Health Insurance agent and expert when it comes to navigating policies for entrepeneurs and their families. Rob is proudly backed by Allstate and has a heart to serve others from business, to his missionary travels overseas.
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