Written by Rob Bullerdick on Dec. 6th 2021
As most business entrepreneurs know, there is more to the equation to be successful than just having a great idea, product, or niche in mind. All of those things are important, sure, but long term success depends on a set of ingrained skills that you may or may not possess naturally. For skills that don’t come natural, this is what sets entrepreneurs aside from the rest of the world. Most will dedicate their time and energy to learning, cultivating and adapting their skills to become the most effective. I’m going to talk about 5 core skills that I believe every successful entrepreneur must possess. Let this be a gauge to determine where you are, and what you can work on!


Having the ability to set up a road map for success, with little goals leading to your big goals is a sure recipe for success and victory as an entrepreneur. This skill allows you to stay on mission, and prepare for any hurdles you might run into in the future. If you’re not planning, at least weekly, time and systems WILL get away from you. Don’t forget, everything you write down must be supported by action! There is no point in having a diet plan if you aren’t going to follow it, it’s not the words on paper that make you healthy. Set intentional time aside every morning to plan, you’ll be glad you did!

Being a generator of alternatives

This comes easier for some more than others. Being a generator of alternatives means that when crap hits the fan, which it always does, you are able to move past it and find a new way to continue. Our human nature can take over in the form of emotional decisions when met with stress or a tough obstacle. One thing I always tell my team to do when they run into a problem is to find me a solution first. Even if the solution is out in left field, it at least gets you in the habit of staying calm, figuring it out, and using your brain! As you grow and scale your business, you will run into issues daily that you never imagined would come up. Never forget, there is always a plan B-Z!

People Skills

This should be a given, but you’d be surprised about how many people lack basic social skills. I’m sure you’ve been to places and run into people in your own life like that, how did that interaction make you feel? Don’t get me wrong, I understand people are naturally shy/introverted and can still run a business. However, just have the awareness to know your strengths and weaknesses. Word of mouth is the best advertising there is, and it’s free. This goes back to being a lifelong learner, acquiring the skills you need. Treat people with love and respect and do what’s right, the rest will fall into place. 

Using a computer

Many entrepreneurs only need two tools to start running their business, a phone, and a computer. Those are literally the only two fundamental tools for your daily life. Familiarity with your tools, like anything, is the greatest benefit. I have agents and clients reach out all the time with questions on how to use certain functions, or wishing their computers had certain capabilities. If you put some time into your tools and what they offer, you’ll be surprised on what systems you can put in place to make your life easier. Then when things come up and it takes some trouble shooting, you’re not paying IT to do simple work!


Always have a vision! I fully believe that you are what you think, and those thoughts manifest into our life. You are created to accomplish everything you want, and you have the brain and tools to make it a reality. You might’ve just started your company, or maybe you’ve been crushing it for a while but need some motivation. No matter what end of the spectrum you are on, visioning is a recipe for success! Make a vision board, write down your goals/dreams/wishes, share with your loved ones what you want to accomplish. Without a blueprint or map of where we want to go, we just stay stuck in this limbo. So dream, get excited about those dreams, and put in action that gets you closer and closer. One day you’ll look back, and be glad you have no regrets on what you could’ve accomplished.  

Rob Bullerdick

Rob Bullerdick is a Health Insurance agent and expert when it comes to navigating policies for entrepeneurs and their families. Rob is proudly backed by Allstate and has a heart to serve others from business, to his missionary travels overseas.
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